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Night Flight - Children's Book

Last week I submitted my entry into this years Clairvoyants competition. An illustration and writing competition run by a Polish publishing house. The challenge is to produce a script for a children's story and illustrations over three double page spreads.

My entry was titled 'Night Flight' a story about a cat thats afraid of the nighttime and can't stop running away. Yet, with the help of new friends is able to learn to overcome its fear.

The cat runs from the dreaded night time

It may sound unlikely, but this was actually the first time I've illustrated a story that I actually wrote myself. (well, since I was at primary school.) The whole process was really painless and is something I'm going to try again soon. More stories on their way!

The cat discovers mysterious scientists

Another first for me, was the process I used to create the illustrations. (I usually work in black ink on white paper.) Here, I used pencil for all the drawings, which I then scanned and coloured digitally on Photoshop.

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